Arc 3.0 Supers, Aspects, and Fragments for Destiny 2 revealed

After months of waiting, the last update of the Light subclass is finally here destiny 2 with the Arc 3.0 update. Bungie revealed the updated subclass in a blog post on his website Wednesday morning but offered no footage. (Players will have to wait to see Arc 3.0 in action destiny 2 Showcase on August 23rd).

This new version of Arc is all about mobility and staying close and personal with enemies. And like all other 3.0 subclasses, Arc 3.0 comes with new effects (which Bungie calls “verbs”), aspects, and fragments so players can adapt their kit to this new playstyle.

Let’s take a look at the new additions.

The verbs

Reinforced is the biggest and most important verb in Arc 3.0, because it doesn’t require you to equip an aspect or fragment to activate it. Amplified is an intrinsic feature of every Arc 3.0 class, and anyone can activate it simply by getting multi-kills with Arc abilities. (You can also activate Amplified in other ways via Aspects and Fragments).

Once boosted, you’ll move faster and get improved weapon handling. You can also glide much farther than usual. Sprinting for a few seconds while boosted grants you a super speed boost, an even better slide, and a PvE-only damage resistance bonus.

Blind, shockand Ionian Traces are the other terms you should know with Arc 3.0. Unlike Amplified, Blind and Jolt only affect your enemies. Ionic traces are in the center and are created by enemies or abilities while benefiting you.

Blind works similar to Void’s suppression in PvE. Blinded enemies cannot see you or use their weapons. In PvP, it creates a flashbang effect for enemy players.

Shocking an enemy essentially primes them with electricity. Subsequent damaging hits on a shaken target send damaging chain lightning effects to nearby targets.

Ionic Traces – which are currently only available for Arc Warlocks – will function similarly to how they have been since they were introduced in The Forsaken, but they will also be available to Hunters and Titans. Enemies leave ion trails under certain circumstances, and picking them up gives you ability energy.

Hunter updates

Hunters get the most love with Arc 3.0.

Not only can hunters block and deflect with their Arc Staff Super, the Blink teleportation option returns to their loadout for the first time since the original determination. And after we got a bad deal on the subclass additions The ForsakenArc Hunters are finally getting an alternate Super called the Gathering Storm.

Casting Gathering Storm causes Hunters to leap into the air and throw their bow staff like a spear. The staff can become lodged in the ground or enemies, dealing area damage on initial impact. Shortly after implantation, lightning strikes the staff and overloads it, creating a temporary damage zone around it.

Hunters receive three arc aspects to change their playstyle:

  • flow state: Killing a roused enemy empowers you. While buffed, you gain longer reload time, faster dodge recharge, and damage resistance.
  • assault: When melee while gliding, send a lightning wave to the ground that deals damage and shakes enemies.
  • Deadly Stream: Dodge extends the range of your next melee attack, which also shakes targets and creates a lightning-like aftershock. Deadly Current also buffs your Arc Staff Super, causing it to hit twice. Melee attacks on a shaken enemy also blind them.

Warlock Updates

Warlocks will change the least with Arc 3.0.

Chaos Reach and Stormtrance are both back, although the latter will be a combination of landfall and teleportation trees. Warlocks also keep their two separate bow melee attacks. The first is a Blitzball that they can fire at enemy targets. The second is a chain lightning ability that creates a web of lightning that knocks out enemies.

However, Warlocks have an additional interaction with the Enhancement buff compared to other classes. The functionality of various warlock abilities changes during the boost. For example, ball lightning melee hits three times while chain lightning melee hits more targets.

Warlocks gain three Arc 3.0 aspects:

  • Arc Soul: Casting a Rift creates a Bow Soul to aid you. Allies who enter your rift also gain a Bow Soul. During Amplified, your Arc Soul fires faster. Your rift charges faster when allies are nearby.
  • lightning strike: Activating your melee attack while gliding transforms you into a ball of lightning that teleports you forward and shakes targets around it.
  • Electrostatic Spirit: Killing enemies with arc damage or killing targets with arc weakness creates ionic trails. Collecting ion trails also makes you buffed.

Titan updates

Titans are getting several important additions with Arc 3.0. Two Titan Supers return: Thundercrash (which is unchanged from its current iteration) and Fist of Havoc. The Arc 3.0 version of Fist of Havoc will make the most of its previous two trees, with a sustained damage field and Air AoE.

Most notably, Titans gain a new class ability in the form of Thruster, although like Hunter Dodge, it can only be activated on the ground. That distinguishes it from the original determination‘s Twilight Garrison Exotic (a piece of armor that Bungie promised would never return, which led to some fans harassing the developers on Twitter) that required players to be airborne. Players can cast Thruster to accelerate in a specific direction, which serves as an evasive maneuver.

In addition to the original two Titan arc melee attacks – Seismic Strike and Ballistic Slam – they gain a third option: Thunderclap. With Thunderclap, Titans can hold down their melee button to charge up an attack; You must stand still and lie on the ground to attack. When you release the button, the Titan’s opponent will deal a lot of damage relative to the time it has charged the attack. If charged long enough, this attack can instantly kill an enemy Guardian in the Crucible.

Like the other classes, Titans also receive three Arc 3.0 aspects:

  • Touch of Thunder: Improves arc grenades depending on their type. Flashbang grenades can also blind enemies on initial impact. Pulse grenades create an ion trail and increase their damage output over time. Flash Grenades gain a second charge and shake targets. Assault grenades create a mobile cloud that pursues and eliminates enemies.
  • juggernaut: While sprinting with your class ability fully charged, gain a frontal shield that blocks damage (and is stronger when you’re boosted). Enemies can break the shield with enough damage, draining the energy of your class abilities.
  • Hit: Your melee kills trigger health regeneration and empower you. Breaking an enemy’s shield or critically wounding them increases melee range and damage. Knockout also causes your melee attacks to count as arc damage.

The Fragments

Bungie has also previewed four of the fragments coming to Arc 3.0. There will be significantly more fragments in the game, but Bungie is keeping the rest under wraps.

  • Spark of the beacons: When empowered, Arc Special Weapon kills create a blinding blast.
  • spark of resistance: When you are surrounded, you gain increased damage resistance.
  • Spark momentum: Gliding over ammo reloads your weapon and gains melee energy. You gain even more energy when gliding over heavy ammo.
  • spark of shock: Your arc grenades will shake enemies.

Arc 3.0 will launch in parallel destiny 2 Season 18, which will debut on August 23 after destiny 2 Showcase.

To update: Bungie updated their article to clarify that the Titan’s new Thruster ability requires them to be on the ground and not in the air. This makes it very different from the Twilight Garrison Exotic from the original determination.

We’ve updated the language surrounding Thruster in the Titan Updates section of this article.

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