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Our next Drop Pod, arriving next Tuesday, August 9th, will focus on improving the player experience on multiple fronts. This update aims to expand each player’s customization options, include QoL improvements, and lay the foundation for even more community-requested features.

Let’s see what’s inside!



Currently in the game there are a variety of visors spread across the 5 armor cores. If you wanted to use the shiny gold Noble visor (previously used on the Mark V [B] Armor Core) to complete your look on one of your other cores, you can get this when the August Drop Pod lands.

This means that all visors currently in the game and all future visors will work for all helmets from all armor cores.

A Mark V [B] Spartan with a bright yellow visor is in the armory.
EAGLESTRIKE’S Night Wisp visor on a Mark V [B] Helmet.
A golden visored Yoroi Spartan stands in the armory hall.
RAKSHASA’s Athenas mirror visor on a YOROI helmet.


Continuing the theme of improving customization options, this drop pod also allows certain Mark VII helmet attachments to be worn on multiple Mark VII helmets.

This is in response to player feedback requesting that we expand the compatibility of Mark VII helmet attachments. Of course, this step came with some complications as most helmet mounts for the Mark VII core are designed to fit a specific helmet, but some will fit other Mark VII helmets just as well.

The Live team spent some time with our artists to figure out which helmet mounts look and fit best without awkward cutting or large holes. Because certain combinations can exhibit clipping or large gaps, not every Mark VII helmet will be able to use every helmet attachment – but the total number of options has been greatly increased.

If you have already unlocked these helmets and helmet attachments, they are automatically usable. Unlocking them in the future will unlock all possible combinations for you. There is no need to unlock them for every single use.

A full list of helmet and helmet mount combos will be included in the Drop Pod patch notes when it goes live.

A Mark VII Spartan stands in the armory hall wearing a helmet attachment.
Soldier’s helmet attachment to a wall helmet.
Mark V [B]’s Stalwart visor on a Mark VII helmet.
A Mark VII Spartan stands in the armory hall wearing a helmet attachment.
Warmaster helmet mount on Firefall helmet.
RAKSHASA’s sapphire front visor on a Mark VII helmet.



Regarding the multiplayer experience, this update will make it easier for us to implement more ranked playlists in the future. Kicking things off are ranked doubles, which are set to land two weeks after the release of the Drop Pod – along with a CSR reset. Additionally, Launch Day Ranked Doubles will be accompanied by a team doubles social playlist, meaning Halo Infinite gets twice the 2v2 fun.

We will be monitoring the health of ranked doubles matches and all of our playlists after they’ve been added to the matchmaking roster. If all playlists continue to work as expected, we’ll keep these additions and experiment with adding more ranked playlists in the future.

Two Spartans with BRs stand by.


At the beginning of this blog we mentioned that we are also laying some foundations for the future. There is no player-side change here only Still, this drop pod contains a lot of the basics needed to enable region selection in the future. This would allow players to choose between all searches in all regions (faster search times) or their local region (better pings).

This feature is still some time away, but players may recognize some of the backend work that has been done to get the setup started. We’ll have more to share about Region Select as we get closer to launch.



With this drop pod version, your active challenges will be visible in the pause menu during a game. We know it’s helpful to be able to have a quick look at your active challenges (and their descriptions) at any time during a game, so we’re really excited about the implementation.

A screenshot of the pause menu showing challenges on the right.
Note: This placeholder text is not indicative of future challenges.

Please note: this screen does not yet show the exact numbers (remaining or total) for your challenges. As challenges currently update at the end of a game, we have chosen to intentionally not show the numbers to avoid confusion as they don’t update in real time. We are working to make it so challenges do tick during a game, but we wanted to share with you all this helpful first step since it was done.

As always, we’ll be posting the full patch notes on the Halo support site ( when the update is released.

Thank you for your continued feedback on our Waypoint Forums, Twitter, Reddit and more as we continue to make Halo Infinite the best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you online when the Drop Pod lands next Tuesday, August 9th!

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