D3 Publisher and Shade announce sword fighting action game SAMURAI MAIDEN for PS5, PS4, Switch and PC

steam). It will be launched worldwide this winter.

SAMURAI COUNTRIES follows college student Tsumugi Tamaori, who is summoned while she sleeps to the Sengoku Era, where she must team up with new friends and use her sword skills to defeat the undead evil unearthed in Honnoji Temple.

Here’s an overview of the game, via D3 Publisher:

SAMURAI COUNTRIES follows the story of a high school student who falls asleep after a boring day of history class and wakes up next to historical figure Nobunaga Oda, known as the first great unifier in Japan. The two find themselves in the burning Honnoji Temple, where the underworld has opened up. After learning the art of swordplay as a hobby, Tsumugi is suddenly put to the test in a real fight when she is gifted the evil Warding Blade by the desperate Nobunaga Oda, who is entering the underworld to put an end to the tragedy. Even Tsumugi, an admittedly poor history student, recognizes Oda as the heroine of the Sengoku period and understands that she must face this bizarre occasion.

in the SAMURAI COUNTRIES, players can look forward to slaughtering hordes of undead enemies with Tsumugi’s mighty swordsmanship. With stylish combo attacks and powerful counterattacks, Tsumugi is well-equipped to slay groups of zombies and badass bosses – but as a modern-day student, she’s unable to fight her way out of the Underworld!

However, Tsumugi is not SAMURAI COUNTRIESSole Fighter: She meets three friendly ninjas in the Honnoji temple known as The Gokage, who decide to brave the underworld with her. The Gokage consists of Iyo, a hardworking ninja with a variety of tools, Hagane, an elderly ninja with a mechanical body, and Komimi, a genie with a unique jutsu. Throughout their journey, the team will argue, laugh and fight side by side, forging new bonds along the way.

On their journey, players can use the “Gokage System,” which allows for a quick combination of Tsumugi’s sword style and The Gokage’s powerful ninjutsu. From the slashing and stabbing attacks of the samurai to the ninja’s wire arms, the freezing yin-yang jutsu and various kunai attacks, players can use these two types of attacks to smash through the horde of undead enemies.

In addition, the party has unlockable special abilities: when Tsumugi and The Gokage’s spirits are elevated, they can unlock these abilities by closing their lips. However, they must build trust in one another before these special combined abilities can be unleashed in battle.

Break through the evil of the Sengoku period as you build relationships with the Sengoku Maidens as the temple burns. The samurai slice while the ninjas roll the dice to destroy the underworld of Honnoji Temple – will they be able to rewrite history?

And here are some additional details about the Asian version publisher English, Japanese.

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