Marvel changed most of She Hulk Episode 1 after filming

Marvel Studios She-Hulk: Lawyer is officially live and Episode 1 is now available to stream for the whole world on Disney+. But leading up to the final Disney+ episodic series, Phase 4, Marvel didn’t have an easy way to bring this exciting new story to life.

The issue that came to the fore the most was the show’s use of CGI, which faces challenges that Marvel has never seen before given that its main character is largely computer generated. While fans have seen some improvements in this regard, more Recent trailers and final footage have started to calm fans’ worries to a certain degree.

But in addition to the CGI work, Rumors have suggested that some She Hulk caused concern behind the scenes also during the post-production process, with many fearing it wouldn’t end up the way Marvel had hoped.

Even though Reaction to the first four episodes of the series was overwhelmingly positive So far, a new report has detailed some of the major changes that actually took place in this first set of episodes before the series debuted.

She-Hulk changed episode 1 after filming

Speak with diversity, She-Hulk: Lawyer Lead Writer Jessica Gao provided insight into how Episode 1 has changed during the post-production process.

Gao revealed that the series’ episode order was actually adjusted since most of the first episode originally appeared in Episode 8 instead of showing the origin story right away:

“The episode order was a little different – we changed things up a bit in the post. Most of the pilot that you see was actually episode 8. We waited until the end of the season to really reveal its origin story.”

When asked why this decision was made, people simply felt it “wanted to know this information sooner” don’t want to wait that long to learn more about the origin story of Jennifer Walters:

“There were several factors that led to the decision, but at the end of the day we just realized that people really wanted to know this information sooner. It was hard for her not knowing the origin story and then getting to know this character.”

This was also a big factor in how much there was in terms of CGI and VFX work, Gao admitted “Make people think” when history changed so drastically:

“Oh yeah. I’m sure it was [a crunch]. I’m sure the switch upset people. The VFX artists generally just have an impossible job to do. You know, this is such a massive undertaking and they’re already pressed for time.”

Where does She-Hulk’s original Episode 1 fit in again?

Warning – the rest of this article contains spoilers for the series premiere of She-Hulk: Lawyer.

So what has become of it? She Hulk‘s original first episode? Well, it’s likely that Marvel just pushed the episodes down a bit. Eagle-eyed fans will note that Jen is currently the assistant district attorney on the series premiere and is actually suing her future employer, GLK&H. Therefore, it would be likely that the now second episode would have been the first to establish Jen’s status quo as an attorney working for the law firm’s superhero division.

When watching the penultimate episodes of any Marvel Studios Disney+ show, much of the main heroes’ backstory usually comes to the fore along with plenty of emotional story beats. This contains Wanda’s journey into the past WandaVisionMarc Spector has to look back on his traumatic childhood moon knightand Kamala Khan’s blast into the past as she lived through partition in India Mrs Miracle.

Especially with Jennifer Walters’ origin story changes slightly from her comic book counterpart, This show went to great lengths to ensure its beginnings didn’t remain a mystery, which is why things changed after the show was originally filmed. Luckily, fans are already seeing improvements from a CGI front, even as Marvel struggles to get the show just right, and the story and visuals should continue to improve with each installment.

Episode 1 of Marvel Studios She-Hulk: Lawyer is now available to stream on Disney+.

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