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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details from tonight Better call Saul‘s”breaking Bad” Consequence. Let’s just say the title is a little giveaway.

“I said no details,” insists Bryan Cranstonis Walter White too AaronPaul‘s Jesse Pinkman in tonight’s third to last episode Better call Saul. “He has to know,” the partially ski-masked high school science teacher and wannabe drug lord tells his buddy as the sleazy Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is in front of it breaking Bad Duo in their infamous meth lab mobile home, also known as the Krystal Ship.

The Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould-created spin-off, which is heading towards the series finale on August 15, meandered back and forth to the periphery of the groundbreaking on Monday breaking Bad events in Thomas Schnauz wrote and directed “Breaking Bad” entitled 11th Episode of the sixth and final season of Better call Saul.

On almost any other series, the long-awaited arrival of White/Heisenberg and his henchmen about mid-episode would be the brand’s showstopper. But this being Better call Saul, there was a much bigger revelation in the slippery cards. if The July 18 episode of “Fun and Games” directed by Michael Morris and written by Ann Cherkis outlined the heartbreaking outcome of Rhea Seehorn‘s Kim Wexler from her life, apart from Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill/Goodman, ‘Breaking Bad’ tonight revealed her fate after the gory aftermath of the parent show that ended its multiple Emmy-winning show in 2013.

Kim Wexler is alive.

Like an incognito call from Goodman on the side of the road in Nebraska, as Cinnabon executive Gene clarifies, Wexler is in fact alive and well, working at Palm Coast Sprinklers in Florida. Additionally, we don’t know anything more about Seehorn’s Wexler life in the Sunshine State, at least for now. What we do know is that her conversation with Odenkirk’s now Gene character, her ex-lover and literal accomplice, didn’t go well.

After the scene-forming line, “Hi, I’m looking for Kim Wexler, I think she works there,” the payphone and passing trucks were shown in another shot. We don’t hear of the conversation between the two, but it’s clearly boisterous and engaging, to say the least, as snow-cloaked Gene shakes his head and body around in the cramped space of the old school phone booth. As with many things involving the former couple, the call ends badly with a close-up of Odenkirk’s character banging the receiver against the box in a way most of us haven’t seen since the mid-1980s. The man once known as Saul Goodman, wandering in the snow in front of the phone booth, then shows his lack of impulse control and shatters one of the panes of glass with a well-placed kick.

That’s all we’re getting for Kim, but with two more episodes to come, it’s very unlikely it’ll be the last we see or hear from her. The same is probably true of Cranston and Paul.

Not that it was a piece of cake to bring her here and, of course, into the sometimes deranged BCS world, as Schnauz told Deadline today. “Connect with this moment breaking Bad where Saul yells “It wasn’t me, it was Ignacio!” was always talked about as a target we had to hit and I was lucky it ended up in my episode because it was so much fun,” Schnauz said of finding the perfect spot for Cranston and Paul to shoot land.

“So much work but so much fun,” added the longtime Gilligan collaborator. “It was really over far too quickly. I only had Aaron and Bryan for a day and a half in April 2021 while Vince was directing Episode 602. I had to write that scene and be ready well in advance when we shot the rest of 611 because those dates were the only time we were able to get the guys together because they had other commitments. Bryan and Aaron slipped back into those roles so easily and it was so much fun watching them try to deal with Saul.”

So, back in their toxic “Laurel and Hardy mood,” to quote Goodman later in the episode on an RV shotgun, Gilligan and Gould wouldn’t have waited so long to bring the acclaimed duo onto the scene UCS world only to have it disappear in a puff of drug-infested smoke, so to speak. Also, at the end of the Breaking Bad episode, Goodman is seen strutting into JP Wynne High School to confront science teacher White after he was made fun of by Jonathon Banks, who portrayed Michael Ehrmantraut – on the everywhere a benign cliffhanger is scrawled.

Along with some Swing Master product placements, there’s more drama unfolding in tonight’s exquisitely crafted broadcast UCS Consequence. Starting with former Saul Goodman & Associates secretary Francesca Liddy reappearing in her post.breaking Bad Living, if you can call it that, “Breaking Bad” promotes the descent of Odenkirk’s genes back into a life of crime, deceit and deceit. It also reprises Carol Burnett, alongside Tina Parker, in a role that could play a much bigger role than her Nippy debut last week suggested.

Jumping from the vivid colors of the breaking Bad Timeline and Albuquerque, New Mexico to the dank black and white of Gene’s under-the-radar existence in Omaha, Nebraska, the concocted Schnauz episode lays out an intricate and lucrative con to drug residents of the state of Cornhusker. While the endgame isn’t painted yet, the tactic is to enlist nice cab driver Jeff (Pat Healy) and his buddy into identity theft.

Once Burnett’s slightly rebuffed Marion catches a glimpse of her new boyfriend Gene and son Jeffy having dust in their garage late at night, it looks pretty certain that some wild cards will be put on the table for the final two episodes.

If that means more Kim, more Walt and Jesse, or one final reckoning, it would certainly fit Better call Saulprofile of . For now: “No details,” as Walter White said.

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