Netflix’s Resident Evil Series: The Ending Explained

Warning: This story contains spoilers for Resident Evil Season 1 on Netflix. If you haven’t caught up yet, check out our spoiler-free Resident Evil Netflix season 1 review.

Resident Evil is back, and this time in the form of a live-action series from Netflix. While the games influence the plot and universe of Netflix’s first live-action series based on Capcom’s long-running zombie franchise, the show is actually set in its own original universe.

Although Netflix hasn’t announced whether the series will be renewed for a second season, the season 1 finale offers plenty of ideas for what the focus might be should we get a season 2.

Let’s recap everything that happened in the Resident Evil season finale and how certain events could lead to Season 2…

The four Weskers

After many questions on the subject, we finally learn exactly how Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) – yes, the same Albert Wesker who died in a volcano in Resident Evil 5 – is alive and well on this show: He’s a clone.

In fact, the original Wesker has three clones: Albert, Alby, and Bert. We followed Albert for most of the series while we learn more about his eccentric and breadstick-loving clone brother Bert towards the end of the season. Alby was killed along with the original Wesker when Umbrella tried to finish the project.

Although we don’t know much about the circumstances surrounding why the real Wekser created the clones, we learn from Bert that the clones were part of a research and development team to support the original Wesker. After the clones were captured by Umbrella, Albert (the clone) made a deal with Evelyn Marcus to work for the company in exchange for his own life.

Bert remains the only living Wesker left, or at least as far as the girls know in 2022. Thanks to the action in 2036, we know that Albert doesn’t die until much later in the timeline (unfortunately, our beloved Bert will also go sometime between 2022 and 2036). While we’re not sure how Bert will fit into the story as a clone if a Season 2 takes place, it will be interesting to see the dynamic between Billie, Jade and Bert as the three are now on the run from Umbrella.

The Resident Evil movies in (chronological) order

What role will Ada Wong play in Resident Evil Season 2?

The 2022 timeline ends with Albert Wesker seemingly sacrificing himself to allow Bert, Billie, and Jade to escape from Umbrella’s compound and gated community. Before Albert blows up the lab, we see him giving the girls a note and instructing his daughters to find someone. In a later scene, we learn that the person the Wesker twins and Bert are looking for is Ada Wong.

Ada Wong is a spy who originally appeared in Resident Evil 2, where she was tasked with trying to steal a sample of the G-Virus. While we don’t meet Ada Wong in the season finale, she will clearly show up in some capacity if and when Season 2 takes place.

In the games, Ada was employed by an umbrella company known as “the Organization”. The company would eventually merge with Tricell, a pharmaceutical company involved in the Plaga outbreak in Kijuju, a key event in Resident Evil 5. Tricell wasn’t mentioned in the show, but if the lore from the games is anything Tricell will likely be in 2022 not be there anymore In Resident Evil Revelations 2, Claire Redfield mentions that the corporation is gone forever.

However, Tricell might still be there in a way. If Umbrella can come back after bankruptcy in 2004, maybe Tricell can come back too. We know in games that the final entry point into the Resident Evil timeline is 2021 (thanks to Resident Evil Village); With the Netflix series exploring the year 2036, much of this is open play in terms of lore. Exactly how a second season and future titles might tie together remains to be seen, but there’s plenty of legroom here for the show to explore new territory the games haven’t touched yet.

Is Bea immune to the T-virus?

The final scenes, set in 2036, see Billie shooting Jade before kidnapping her daughter Bea and taking off in an Umbrella helicopter. Before that, however, we learn that for some reason Bea is safe from the giant, mutated crocodile that Jade and members of the university created to protect her.

While Billie’s kidnapping of Bea was more of a ruse for her much-needed, unpolluted Wesker blood (Billie’s blood is “bad” just like her cloned father’s), the murderous aunt has to wonder what went on between Bea and the crocodile beforehand Her helicopter blew the poor creature to pieces. Is Bea immune to the T-Virus, or is there just something about her pheromones that keeps Nulls and other infected from being interested in her? It almost seemed like the crocodile had intent on protecting the child before Umbrella sent him to hell, but we’ll have to wait until season 2 (should we get one) for those answers!

Will Jade Survive?

Like her father before her, Jade Wesker isn’t as dejected as it seems after being shot in the stomach by her treacherous sister. We see Albert blown up and buried in rubble (no less than a Tyrant), but talk in 2036 almost confirms he makes it out of the rubble alive. Meanwhile, we’ve seen Jade take a massive shake from a giant caterpillar and do a 100ft leap off a wall into a horde of zombies without fully crushing her body. We already know that the Weskers heal faster than the average human, so expect Jade to keep banging around if the series is renewed.

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