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There is no veto tag on Big Brother without drama or excitement. Saturday delivered as the leftovers continued their march toward the latest plan and a surprise attack down the other side, but with the veto in play, anything could happen. Indeed, the Veto-Comp came and introduced another scenario that could bring a hit to the streets.

This week’s target is slowly getting smarter, battling for support and votes ahead of Monday’s veto meeting. Too little, too late, right?

if you have that live feeds (Free trial period) then you can watch all those moments with the flashback Function to go back and view important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

7:20 am BBT – HGs begin to rise.

08:56 BBT – Feeds are back as players were picked. Daniel & Kyle are this week’s add-ons for Veto.

9:00 BBT – Jasmine is mad at Turner for not getting her things, making her food, or taking care of her while she is an HN. (Turner is also an HN.)

09:05 BBT – Alyssa tells Jasmine that if Kyle wins his veto and doesn’t save her then she will come after him and he will regret it.

09:35 BBT – Alyssa tells Monte she’s worried about Nicole. She doesn’t trust Nicole because Nicole says she fights for the girls and then lies to her face.

10:00 BBT – Indy and Monte were chatting about a game. He says it sounds like she’s suspicious of Nicole. Indy says Nicole might come first because of Joseph. Indy tells Monte that Nicole is paranoid and afraid she will be caught off guard like Ameerah. Monte points out that mating with Taylor was Nicole’s decision.

10:25 BBT – Jasmine tells Joseph that on her way out, Ameerah warned her not to trust Daniel or Nicole.

10:30 BBT – Monte tells Michael that Alyssa came to him and asked if Taylor was still the target because she (A) felt weird about Nicole and wasn’t sure if she trusted her.

10:40 BBT – Nicole tells Monte that if he chooses a different target (than Taylor) then she will support him in that as well.

10:45 BBT – Joseph assures Daniel that Monte’s target is definitely Taylor. Daniel says he’s coming to help.

11:00 BBT – Nicole tells Monte that she wants to take care of Brittany next once they get out of Taylor this week. She says Brittany offered her and Daniel to be her spy on the second day.

11:03 BBT – Indy and Jasmine feel hurt that Ameerah and Alyssa were in Po’s Pack and got off on Girls Girls. Jasmine laments that Ameerah didn’t choose them as a couple.

11:08 am BBT – Veto contest feeds trimmed.

14:32 BBT – Feeds are back. Daniel wears the locket.

3:45pm BBT – Kyle joins Monte, Joseph, Michael and Brittany in the HOH room. Monte says they’re going through options after Nicole leaves. Michael mentions that he learned during Daniel’s HOH that Joseph was a backdoor option.

3:50pm BBT – Daniel is alone and using the Chinese checkerboard to count votes and run through scenarios.

3:55 PM BBT – Kyle warns Daniel that he may choose not to use the veto, but he will claim he will.

4:10pm BBT – Joseph tells the group that Turner is sleeping in the car compartment and is not feeling well.

16:20 BBT – Ants take over the house. HGs can’t figure out where they’re from.

4:40pm BBT – HGs discuss veto comp and have to guess numbers over features.

16:50 BBT – Nicole claims to Jasmine that Ameerah and Taylor formed an alliance last week. Now Nicole is sure she will hit the block and the boys plan to BD Taylor. They discuss who they would trust to sit on the jury. They both want Daniel and Terrance there.

5:10 p.m. BBT – Turner says he will no longer eat the slop oatmeal and plans to get by on pickles and liquids for the rest of the week.

17:25 BBT – Alyssa tells Kyle that Nicole doesn’t understand why Jasmine doesn’t want to speak to her(N) anymore. Alyssa says it’s because Ameerah warned Jasmine about N&D. She hopes Nicole goes instead of Taylor.

17:35 BBT – Kyle tells Joseph that Jasmine is upset that he found out about her dealings back home. He says that Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine are falling apart.

17:45 BBT – Jasmine talks to Monte about Nicole and how she (N) lied to her.

5:50pm BBT – Kyle worries Joseph that Alyssa is suspicious of him and the Ameera vote change. He wants Alyssa out soon.

18:00 BBT – Jasmine tells Monte that Indy is angry with Alyssa and doesn’t trust her anymore.

6:15pm BBT – HGs laze by the pool and in the garden.

18:30 BBT – Nicole tells Terrance she’s sure she’s next. Terrance says it’s supposed to be Taylor, and there’s all this work to get Taylor out. Nicole says she can’t get anyone to talk to her.

18:45 BBT – Daniel joins Nicole and Terrance. She warns Daniel that she is certain she will be the next target. Daniel says he can convince Kyle not to use the veto.

7:05pm BBT – Terrance tells Taylor he wants the noms to stay the way they are. She doesn’t want to be a nom again anytime soon. They discuss Nicole leaving and the next noms are Daniel and Kyle.

19:54 BBT – Kyle gets too close to Jasmine’s foot and she is in pain again. He excuses himself and runs to get her ice cream.

8:05pm BBT – Michael lets Monte know that Nicole is worried about the climb and believes she can prevent it.

8:15pm BBT – Daniel tells Indy about his ability to see ghosts. Indy wants nothing to do with it.

20:15 BBT – Monte tells Michael how Jasmine suggested him a five person alliance with Terrance, Indy and Joe. He says he had to say yes and now they can use that to get more votes against Nicole.

8:35pm BBT – Monte assumes Nicole is telling him she doesn’t want to go upstairs anymore. Michael says he just has to ask why she doesn’t feel safe and tell her everything is fine.

21:10 BBT – Taylor tells Monte she hopes Julie will tease the voting results by saying her name, but then that she’s safe, 9-1.

9:25pm BBT – Nicole proposes an alliance to Brittany and they bring in Michael.

22:00 BBT – Brittany contacts Joseph to confirm that Kyle will veto. Joseph says he believes he will. Brittany wants Nicole gone.

22:45 BBT – Turner announces that he owns a thrift store. Jasmine mentions that she owns a pressure nail shop.

11:10pm BBT – Turner and Jasmine compare notes on their trades.

11:55pm BBT – Jasmine and Turner both discuss being in the application process for BB23 and nearing the end.

00:10 BBT – Nicole informs Terrance that she spoke to Brittany for the first time today. She feels like she’s already campaigning, like she’s on the block.

1:30pm BBT – Monte tells Joseph he’s sure Nicole is going home. Joseph warns him not to get too cocky about the plan.

02:00 BBT – Taylor goes over camtalks that if Nicole leaves, she will choose Alyssa and Indy’s bestie couple.

02:55 BBT – Daniel and Nicole play together. They think Brittany will make F3. Nicole is still nervous.

3:10 am BBT – Alyssa is flirting with Kyle and trying to get her hands on him. He fights against it and wants to go outside so that no one enters her.

3:35 BBT – Daniel and Nicole go through the votes when she is upstairs. He doesn’t think they have Michael’s voice and he’s mad at Turner. Nicole thinks Kyle is close with Monte, but Daniel disagrees. Nicole says that Ameerah messed up her game.

3:40 am BBT – Nicole is sure she screwed up. Daniel tells her not to get paranoid but admits that when she leaves next he will be right behind her.

03:50 BBT – Nicole doesn’t understand how Taylor can be the house enemy and always above everyone. Daniel says he will have Kyle’s support and they will need Jasmine’s voice as well.

4:30am BBT – HGs are in bed but Taylor is still up doing her hair in the bathroom.

5:00 am BBT – Everyone is in bed for the night.

Nicole is in trouble and she knows it. Daniel has his head in the sand if he thinks something else is going to happen here. Kyle can still take the step to force a Renom to get Nicole on the block, but he has his own plans to try and get Alyssa out the door sooner or later.

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