“Surface” Recap: Series Premiere on Apple TV Plus, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

What would life be like if your memory was erased and you couldn’t trust anyone?

That is the premise of the new Apple TV+ thriller Turn up, who finds a woman named Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who wakes up after attempting suicide (or so she is told) with no memory of her life before. After surviving a nasty fall from a boat into the icy waters below, she begins to question everything and everyone around her, while a mysterious man (Stephan James) lurks nearby and claims to know the truth .

so what Yes, really happened to her Brace yourself for tons of twists and turns as we break down this meaty premiere.

When we first find Sophie, she wakes up from a nightmare in which she drowns. She lives with her husband James (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Read our interview here) and prepares for her big return to work after the incident. When she takes an Uber that’s about to go over a bridge, she gets triggered by the water and almost has a panic attack. She demands to be let out of the car amidst a sea of ​​honking horns.

At therapy she is told that she must accept that most of her memories will never be restored. She says she feels like she woke up in someone else’s life. Her therapist Hannah (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) tells her that the fact that she is alive is a miracle. Her method of attempting suicide makes her a determined woman, and that determination will help her overcome her trauma. But what she can’t get over is how perfect everything seems. “If my life was so perfect, why did I try to end it?” she asks.

While out drinking with her friend Caroline (Ari Graynor), a man appears to be staring at her. Does she know this mysterious guy? She can’t even remember.

On her way to an event for James’ company, she is stopped by a man named Baden. It’s the guy from last night’s restaurant. He tells her James isn’t who she thinks he is. “Did you ever think that there was more that happened on the boat that day?” he asks. As James walks over, Baden pretends to ask for directions and slips a book of matches into her purse.

Surface Apple TV PlusA confused Sophie looks up her medical history while working at a hospital. While one account matches the suicide story everyone sold her, another shows a broken ulna (forearm bone) with a note warning of possible domestic violence.

Sophie later urges James to go on a business trip, assuring him that “what happened before will never happen again…I don’t want to die.” In his absence, she tries new therapy to get rid of the bad dreams, but she can’t get the event out of her mind. She also gets new memories.

She asks Caroline about her broken arm. Her friend says the women went shopping and had a few drinks over brunch. Sophie tripped and fell right in front of Chanel. Caroline was the one who took her to the X-ray. It’s only been half an episode, but anyone who isn’t Sophie feels dodgy as hell, right?

Sophie decides to follow the games to a lounge in Chinatown called The Li-Bo. When she sits down, the bartender gives her “the usual.” Baden sits next to her shortly afterwards. “You really don’t remember, do you?” he asks. He turns out to be an officer assigned to her case because all suicides must be cleared of foul play. There’s something about her case that he can’t shake. People with perfect lives don’t often jump off ferries, he says. He tells her that she used to love this lounge. It is named after a poet who drank all his life until he drowned. He jumped off a boat into a river. She gets defensive and tells Baden she doesn’t need his help before storming out.

James returns home to find Sophie reading her suicide note. He tells her he was working in Portland when he got the call about her incident and he was praying he could make it home in time to say goodbye before her death. Whatever happened, it’s over, he assures her, but she doesn’t seem too convinced.

In the middle of the night, Sophie tries to remember her Apple ID password to unlock her iPad, but she can’t crack it…until she types in the Li-Bo’s address. She finds footage on the device of her and bathing in a hotel room. He asks her to go with him, but she refuses. As they start sex, she closes the screen.

While jogging the next day, she meets Baden. She yells at him that everything they had is done and that she should stay out of her life. But he can’t. She then jogs to the dock and finds a Coast Guard that was part of her rescue effort. The woman says Sophie said all sorts of strange things – that a man pushed her off the boat and that her name is Tess, even though her ID showed a different nickname. But “They were out of their minds,” says the woman. So it probably all means nothing, right?

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