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There were some strange vibrations in the big brother 24 House on Thursday evening when the next eviction threatened. Nicole felt that the alliance she suspected would try to get her say, so she set to work convincing them that she didn’t trust the girls and would target them if she stays. It hasn’t made any progress on that front, however, so the big question is whether or not it will be another blind eviction. Read on for the latest plans and who knows and who doesn’t know what’s going to happen at this week’s Live Eviction.

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3:07pm BBT – Michael tells Alyssa that Nicole told Jasmine she wouldn’t record her, but she never said that about him and Brittany. Alyssa says she never told her and Indy either. Alyssa says Taylor doesn’t talk to her but she has never heard Taylor say anything about her and she is a good competitor so it wouldn’t be the worst if Taylor joined Indy and Alyssa.

3:10pm BBT – Alyssa asks Michael how he feels about the vote. He says he feels good around Taylor and Nicole. He says that if Nicole is after Alyssa, he would be willing to protect her and vote Nicole out.

16:12 BBT – Monte tells Michael he thinks Terrance is still in the process of getting Nicole out. Monte tells Michael that if he thinks he can trust her, he can also let Jasmine know about the voting process. Michael says once Jasmine knows, everyone will know.

4:15pm BBT – Nicole tells Turner that Monte told her he would send Taylor out if the vote is a tie. Nicole tells Turner that she would be after Alyssa, Indy or Jasmine and that he is not who she would be after. She says she’s with him 100 percent.

4:19pm BBT – Joseph tells Monte that he thinks Terrance is under Nicole’s spell again because he said Taylor was shady and he didn’t know if he could trust her.

4:25pm BBT – Joesph tells Monte that Nicole came to give him a cuddle and said she wanted to make sure she had his voice to stay. He says she said she doesn’t trust the girls so they could work together next week.

4:38pm BBT – Kyle tells Monte that Alyssa said Nicole is going around saying her name now. Monte wonders if the girls are smart enough to plan this to scare them off. Joseph says maybe. Monte says if they’re going to do that, there’s no point in getting their votes and they can just draw the clear line in the sand. Joseph says if they go blind again they will look too united. He says they need at least one of them to vote with them.

4:40pm BBT – Kyle says if he tells Alyssa he’s voting Nicole out, then she might as well. Monte says one or some of them will have to expose themselves if they don’t want the split vote.

4:45pm BBT – Turner tells Monte and some of the others that Nicole said she would be fine if the vote was split because Monte is behind her.

4:47pm BBT – Nicole lets Alyssa know that she told Monte, Turner and Michael that the girls would be her destination next week. She says she has to lie to protect herself but also to make the boys think she’s with them and not the girls. Nicole says she swears she thinks Monte, Turner, Brittany, Michael, Taylor and Joseph are an alliance (she left out Kyle).

16:58 BBT – Monte confirms he doesn’t mind breaking the tie and sending Nicole out, thereby drawing a line in the sand.

5:33pm BBT – Terrance tells Taylor she has him and has since day 1.

17:38 BBT – Terrance tells Brittany he’s ready to vote Nicole out (keeps flipping). He then tells Monte that he is not keeping Nicole, as if she hadn’t voted to keep him last week.

5:48pm BBT – Terrance tells Monte that he’s definitely okay with voting for Nicole and that he wants to vote how he likes.

5:56pm BBT – Joseph is trying to get Indy to vote Nicole out, but Indy prefers that Taylor go and there’s likely no change in her mind.

18:08 BBT – Monte tells Terrance he will not keep Nicole if the vote is a tie. Terrance says there will be no tie because he will vote Nicole out.

18:15 BBT – Jasmine tells Turner that she still plans to vote Taylor out. Turner says he goes with the majority. Turner asks her if she’s definitely fixated on Taylor. She says no, she wants to go with the house.

18:25 BBT – It’s dinner time for the HGs.

6:30pm BBT – HGs just hang around the kitchen and house, chatting, snacking, etc.

7:23pm BBT – Nicole says she believes the Alliance will work hard on Thursday to reverse the vote as they did with Ameerah. Indy says she doesn’t believe that. Nicole says she really believes they will.

20:08 BBT – Jasmine and Michael discuss when they think the Festie Bestie twist will end.

20:20 BBT – Taylor tries on her dress for the episode. Alyssa says she loves it.

8:28pm BBT – Kyle speaks over the camera and says that Nicole and Daniel think he’s stupid but he’s not. He says his rationale for voting Nicole out is her revealing butt pack.

20:50 BBT – Michael works on Alyssa. She says she trusts him, Kyle and Indy 100%.

21:20 BBT – Indy worries about Jasmine and Alyssa that she will join their couple if Taylor stays. Jasmine shares that Monte warned her they’re voting Nicole out this week and Daniel is the next target. Jasmine still wants to vote against Taylor and then lie about it. Alyssa doesn’t think she can lie. Jasmine says they shouldn’t tell Daniel just yet, but if he wins HOH they can go to him with that information.

21:50 BBT – Alyssa tells Kyle that Indy asked if they kissed, so she just said on the cheek.

10:15pm BBT – Nicole stresses vote to Indy. Indy says to stop trying, but Nicole wants to campaign.

10:35pm BBT – Jasmine is learning to walk again after HGs tell her to stop using the cane.

22:40 BBT – Nicole tells Daniel she tried everything. He says to fire Kyle for now. She’s not sure if it worked or not.

23:30 BBT – Jasmine laments having to ask people for help while she recovers from her serious injury.

00:00 BBT – HNs is over again. Turner and Jasmine are delighted.

00:05 BBT – Kyle wants Alyssa to work on getting Michael and Brittany closer so they can form a group of four.

00:10 BBT – Kyle asks Alyssa if they are about to be in a full blown showmance. Alyssa says they have to wait another week to be guaranteed to make the jury.

00:35 BBT – Kyle talks to Michael about how much Alyssa trusts him (M) and they should work together.

00:40 BBT – Kyle works on Michael that they need to keep Alyssa for protection. He says the big boys will be pushing for her to leave soon, but it’s good for them to keep.

00:55 BBT – Daniel questions Kyle and Kyle plays dumb again about voting. Kyle suggests that maybe he’s just blind to the game. Daniel again urges Kyle that he (K) is the deciding vote. Daniel wonders if one of them was Monte’s BD plan. Daniel tells Kyle that if the vote is unanimous to keep Nicole then he will apologize to Kyle.

1:10 am BBT – Daniel went back to Nicole and said he didn’t trust Kyle anymore after their last conversation. Daniel suspects that he will be the next target after her. They realize their game is doomed.

01:20 BBT – Nicole finally admits she’s going home on the vote. Daniel is sure that he will follow her next week.

1:50pm BBT – Indy proposes an alliance to Monte and Joseph with her, Terrance and Jasmine.

1:55 BBT – Daniel says his targets would be Monte, Michael, Joseph or Turner next week.

02:05 BBT – Nicole asks Terrance how to proceed with her final shot attempt. He says to go to Monte (who can’t vote?) and talk to him.

02:10 BBT – Indy completes her pitch and Monte & Joseph give her lots of smiles and nods to the alliance proposal.

02:15 BBT – Nicole pulls Indy away from the crowd to tell her she doesn’t have the votes to stay. Indy is confused. Nicole tells her to go back and tell the rest she doesn’t have the votes to stay. Nicole is upset and says she was lied to. Indy says she will still vote to stay.

02:45 BBT – Joseph tells Indy to vote how she wants and not vote fearfully. Indy says she will vote with the House (against Nicole) but fears Daniel will yell at her. Joseph says he won’t let that happen.

02:50 BBT – Jasmine talks to Indy about voting. Jasmine wants to vote for Nicole to stay, but always wants to vote with the House.

3:00 AM BBT – Daniel wants the vote split so Monte has to openly decide on the eviction. Indy says that Alyssa doesn’t vote with them anymore. Daniel wants Indy to have a seizure.

3:10 am BBT – Daniel says he’s done targeting Taylor and would be chasing Monte and Joseph if he gets HOH next week.

3:32 BBT – Jasmine storms the halls to find out who’s on half of their muffin.

03:34 BBT – Jasmine continues her hunt and goes upstairs to question Joseph and Monte about their missing muffin. All deny involvement.

03:40 BBT – Nicole is back on the campaign trail and tells Turner she would never target him if she stayed.

4:10am BBT – Turner admits to Joseph that he ate half of the muffin Jasmine bagged for herself. She stormed the house to find out who ate half of her muffin.

4:10 am BBT – Alyssa and Kyle hide in camp and kiss.

4:15 BBT – Taylor suspects Jasmine is playing her. Turner agrees, saying that’s why he ate her muffin.

5:17 BBT – Turner walks through the empty kitchen. Stops to check out Jasmine’s leftover cone cupcakes. He cuts off another piece to eat, half the half, and continues on his way.

Incidentally, Muffingate refers to a pair of muffins that Jasmine bagged and set aside to enjoy later. While she was either in the shower or in the DR, someone came over and ate half of one of the muffins. Jasmine shuffled around the house looking for the culprit, but no one wanted to admit it. Eventually, late that night, Turner told a few HGs he’d done it. If she finds out, Turner has to run for it. Or at least walk at a medium pace to get ahead of Jasmine.

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