What character does Jeffrey Dean Morgan play in Season 4?

That News that many fans have been waiting for years finally happened this week with the confirmation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast The young. reuniting with his Supernatural collaborator Eric Kripke, Attempts were made to get Morgan in the last two seasons of the show on the Amazon Prime Video series, but with its schedule the Walking Dead always prevented. Now that Morgan has finally come forward, many fans are wondering… just who the hell is he playing on the show? We have a few guesses about Jeffrey Dean Morgans The young Character and how he might fit into the story, below.

Kripke has previously teased that he and Morgan discussed a character they’d like to play, but it never worked. It’s unclear if the role they initially talked about was the same one Morgan will play in the upcoming series, but since his role has been described as a recurring guest star, we should expect him to appear in at least a few episodes.

One thing that many might assume about Morgan’s role is that he’ll play an unassailable badass, just like he does the Walking Deadbut wouldn’t that be easy? The show’s third season brought Jensen Ackles, another supernatural alum, starring in the role of Soldier Boy…. an unassailable badass. Doing this two seasons in a row would not only be pretty cheap, but would also address exactly what segments of the audience are expecting. To that end, here’s who we think Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be playing on the show.

Tek Knight


The TV series Boys has previously teased that this hero, inspired by Iron Man and Batman, is running around the world somewhere but hasn’t shown up yet. Morgan taking on the role could not only be a great fit, but would play with the idea that he was Bruce Wayne’s father in Batman v Superman and is still the subject of fan casting for Batman projects.


paint chemical

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A sadistic and arrogant supe rivaled only by Homelander, Malchemical is ripe for an appearance in The Boys as it continues to delve into the aftermath of Soldier Boy and the quest for something to stop Antony Starr’s character. Malchemical is a parody of DC’s Metamorpho, who excels in shapeshifting and elemental power, which would suit the badass character people are assuming will play Morgan.


Annie January’s father


Never seen on screen and only teased in brief interactions, Starlight’s father could very well appear on the show and may be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Only Annie’s mother was shown on screen in the series and it has also been confirmed that her father left because her mother injected her with Compound V. Maybe a reunion is in order.


Someone from the butcher’s military past


Butcher’s past has been sporadically explored in The Boys, but his time in the actual military has yet to surface. Among some of the best stories in the comic series, Morgan could very well play someone from Butcher’s past who held authority over him in the Royal Marines, thanks to Garth Ennis’s larger than life interest in war.




In the pages of The Boys comic, Kessler is a CIA agent whom Butcher regularly pinches for information. What makes this character so interesting, and perhaps hilarious for Morgan to play, is that he’s a total joke. Everyone expects Morgan to come in and play a Neegan-esque character, a new addition that will be the villain above all villains, but playing a meek and frequently humiliated character would not only play against the guy… it would be pretty fun be.


Frederick Vought


The origins of Vought International were teased throughout The Boys TV series, with Frederick Vought having a minimal presence in the story. His story was teased by Stan Edger and Stormfront, but his appearances are limited solely to photos, paintings, and silent videos. Maybe a throwback to Vought or, let’s get crazy, a modern clone for Morgan could do.


William “Bill” Donovan

Real-life character Bill Donovan was an American intelligence officer who worked as head of the Office of Strategic Services and later founded the CIA. It seems likely that this character could very well show up in season four (having also done so so late in the comics, or at least a new version of him since the season premiere is titled “Department of Dirty Tricks”) What is a recall to the OSS.


A whole new character

Despite having a range of characters at their disposal, The Boys have not shied away from creating completely original characters, even making heavy use of characters from the comics. The Deep and Victoria Neuman are two good examples of big changes from the source material, but honestly they were for the better. Some new additions to the series not appearing in the comics include Ryan, Homelander’s son; Blue Hawk, Season 3’s supe lives matter hero; and other.


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